“Prune the useless, shave off the harmful, remove the unjust” – Anonymous


“Prune the useless, shave off the harmful, remove the unjust” – Anonymous

Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence

A Continuous Improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. It simply means ‘getting better all the time’. It can use the Kaizen approach or the PDCA (Plan DO Check Act) cycles.

Lean is a philosophy, a Way of Thinking, a no-nonsense structured strategy that maximizes value and eliminates non value-added activities by a system of organization principles and tools using the DMAIC approach, and by developing deeper understanding and greater teamwork from every employee.

Six Sigma is a way to reduce defects in your product or variability in your service; a data-driven methodology that examines variation and root causes of current performance in order to achieve improvements.

For which industries can it be useful?

All businesses are positively affected as all deal with either improved efficiencies (and cost savings) or improved quality.

    We help your business:

    • Achieve Operational Excellence, making sure
      your business is oriented at reaching its full
      potential, eliminating waste and increasing
      Customer Satisfaction.
    • Build a sustainable continuous improvement
      Culture in your company.
    • Manage Change (training, coaching of
      personnel, and follow-up up of projects).


    • Identifying Cost of Poor Quality & sources of waste.
    • Performing Value Stream Mapping of your processes, from shop floor manufacturing to distribution, from product to service oriented.
    • Evaluating risk and analyzing Root Cause.
    • Assisting you in implementing Visual Management.
    • Supporting you in your business strategy development.
    • Using lean tools and techniques: check our Lean DMAIC methodology for a logical Flow to Problem Solving.